The rough nights – the perfect time for the incense ritual

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Die Rauhnächte – die perfekte Zeit fürs Räucherritual

The rough nights reveal a mystical atmosphere that creates space for self-reflection and spiritual growth. For many, it's a very special time of year, more than just a transition from one year to the next - it's an opportunity to focus on your own wellbeing.

The Rauhnächte traditionally extend over the period between Christmas and Epiphany. It is a time to pause, let go and prepare for something new. “Feeling Hale” encourages you to view these days as a kind of spiritual wellness ritual. With gentle transitions and mindfulness practices, the rough nights can be used to reduce stress and find inner peace.

Many people use this time to practice rituals such as smoking, meditation or keeping a Rauhnacht journal. This makes it possible not only to clean living spaces, but also to cleanse one's own mind. In this issue, the magazine "Feeling Hale" explores various approaches and rituals that turn rough nights into a personal wellness experience.

There is a deep connection with nature and inner forces in the rough nights. “Feeling Hale” invites its readers to spend this time consciously in order to start the new year strengthened and full of positive energy. It is the perfect opportunity to connect with your own inner self and cultivate a feeling of wholeness - a true "Feeling Hale" in the middle of the magical rough nights. Here you will find our most important companions for our Rauhnacht.

Feeling Hale book recommendation, just out: Rauhnächte by Christina Danetzky and Meliha Guri .

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