Wellness Gift Guide 2023

Welcome to the Feeling Hale Wellness Gift Guide 2023 - Feeling Hale should not only be a place where you can bring the Feeling Hale feeling home, but also give...

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Wellness Giftguide 2023

Welcome to the Feeling Hale Wellness Gift Guide 2023 - Feeling Hale should not only be a place where you can bring the Feeling Hale feeling home, but also give your loved ones impulses to come into their own self-reflection, to relax more deeply or to relax to feel good in your own skin. This festive year, we've carefully curated a selection of wellness gifts that focus on your loved one's well-being.

Take gifts, new routines and a feeling of well-being with you into the next year. This gift guide is not just suitable for giving gifts to your partner or best friend. The feeling of Feeling Hale can also be given to people you don't know that well. Make this Christmas a celebration of well-being, where gifts not only bring material joy but also contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Journals - Give the gift of time to reflect and pause.

Gifts for adults can sometimes be quite difficult to find. So why journals? Journals are more than just blank pages - they are a gift of inspiration, self-reflection and creativity. With individual covers, they can be perfectly adapted to the style of the recipient. A journal is not just a notebook; it is a canvas for thoughts, dreams and artistic expression. Don't just give away a book, but rather space for personal reflection and creative development. With the ability to capture memories and promote mindfulness, a journal is a timeless gift that enriches any lifestyle. Whether for the student, the traveler, the stressed-out, the optimized, the cozy or the dreamer - a journal is a versatile gift that celebrates the individuality of the recipient and supports their unique journey through life.

Our favorites are the journals from Intelligent Change, which are great for beginners. Our fitness journal is for the active and yogis among us. And for the free spirits? Feeling Hale founder Miriam also prefers to write in her Blanco Feeling Hale notebooks.

Feeling Hale tip: Customize the Feeling Hale notebooks with your own personal inspiration for the recipient.

Face masks and sheet masks - the short break in between.

Face masks, especially sheet masks, are the ideal Christmas gift. Not only do they offer relaxing skin care, but also a moment of self-care during the busy holiday season. The variety of masks allows you to choose a personalized gift, while their luxurious ingredients provide a feeling of well-being and pampering. In pretty packaging, face masks are also an aesthetic and easy-care gift option that becomes a little luxury moment for your skin care routine. Give the gift of relaxation and care with face masks - the perfect Christmas gift for everyone.

Our favorite: The Bright Unveil sheet mask - a healthy glow is guaranteed here.

Miriam's favorite: peelings & scrubs.

Don't just give the gift of a body scrub this Christmas, but also a wellness break for the senses. A body scrub is more than just a skin care product - it's a ticket to a moment of pure relaxation. During the festive season, when hectic times often predominate, a body scrub allows you to consciously give yourself time in the shower and be pampered with soft skin. By the way, our body scrubs smell so good that an aroma shower is included.

The favorite all-rounder: hair clips.

Hair clips are the perfect Christmas gift - trendy, practical and a favorite of 2023. The Feeling Hale team raves about these stylish accessories that not only brighten up the Pilates sessions in the Hale Now Studios, but also provide a quick glow-up in between. These hair clips are more than just fashionable helpers; Not only do they add exterior styling, but sometimes they also give you the confidence boost you so desperately needed.

Affirmation cards - a gift for the whole year.

One of the most beautiful Christmas presents ever. How nice it is to give away impulses that accompany your loved ones all year round. Clearly visible in the home, the affirmations provide short, positive inspiration every day that can remind you of self-care, gratitude and mindfulness. Feeling Hale is also possible without any to-do lists or complicated routines.

Our favorite: The Mindful Affirmation Set. By the way: the affirmation set about love and relationships is a great gift for singles and couples alike.

The Feeling Hale Tote Bag

Large, practical, stylish. Whole lives fit here. A gift for families, active people and anyone who likes to spend the whole day with their life in their luggage. The Feeling Hale team has already used it extensively for weekly shopping, going to Pilates or for weekend trips. Because the latter is often forgotten: Take a damn break.

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